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Platform Roadmap

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[This page is current as of 5/1/2011. See the Archive page for complete release history.]


Current Releases

OpenLaszlo 4.9

OpenLaszlo 4.9.0 is the current fully-qualified release and is the recommended platform for all application development in the SWF10 and DHTML runtimes. It is also a significant release along the path to OpenLaszlo 5.0. OpenLaszlo 4.9.0 contains over 160 bug fixes and implements the infrastructure to support the new components. It also provides new features for creating and deploying mobile applications. See the OpenLaszlo release notes in JIRA ( for details. OpenLaszlo 4.9.0 is the recommended platform for all application development in the SWF8, SWF10, and DHTML runtimes.

For those of you who have already upgraded your applications to OpenLaszlo 4.2 or higher, no further work is needed. You should just start using OpenLaszlo 4.9.0. However, if your application is based on an older version of OpenLaszlo, then you must modify your code to take advantage of the SWF9/10 performance gains and to meet the much stronger typing requirements that it mandates.

To migrate your 4.0.X or 4.1.1 applications, we strongly suggest that you refer to this wiki page: Runtime_Differences. This page discusses the changes required by SWF9 and also provides a methodology and conversion scripts to assist you in upgrading your application. It is very important that you run the automated conversion scripts in the recommended order, should you choose to take advantage of them.

OL 4.0.24

OpenLaszlo 4.0.24 is the a bug fix release to the pagan-deities branch, which supports SWF8. This release contains bug fixes, see the Release Notes ( for details.

We suggest that you upgrade to the current OpenLaszlo release for all development. Please see

Planned Releases

OpenLaszlo 5

OpenLaszlo 5 will be the first major release in some time. The current goals are:

  • Enhance the <view> substrate to support styling using runtime CSS
  • Create a new component set on that leverages on that substrate
  • Take advantage of ES5, CSS3, HTML5 and Flash10
  • Support additional platform targets, such as mobile - see
  • I18n and localization support, in particular support right-to-left script (text)

Project Branches


Trunk is the active development branch for all SWF10 and DHTML work. This is the development branch from which all current versions are released and it supports all multiple-run-time development.


Pagan-Deities is the SWF-only 4.0.X development branch that supports SWF8. OL 4.0.15 is the latest release from pagan-deities. This branch is not recommended.