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This is a list of OpenLaszlo applications available on the open web. Also see for more applications and tools contributed by users for use with the OpenLaszlo platform.


Commercial Applications


Laszlo goWebtop puts a high-polish interface on Web mail with features and performance that outshine others - consistently in any browser. The design center of goWebtop focuses on high quality of user experience where the application uses dynamic layout and animation changes to help users to stay oriented within application interfaces and efficiently complete email tasks.

Laszlo goWebtop, built on Laszlo's open source platform, is the first in a suite of Digital Life applications for communication service providers, designed to make a lasting impression. Digital Life is about applications that revolve around an individual's community, their friends and family, and how they interact seamlessly with one another.

Free demo accounts

Laszlo goWebtop



Gliffy is a web based drawing tool similar tool similar to Microsoft Visio. Create flow chart, network diagrams, UML diagrams, and more.


The first Gliffy application is an online diagram creation and sharing tool.


Pandora is a "music discovery service" designed to help you find and enjoy music that you'll love. It works like this: you give us the name of an artist or song and we instantly create a "station" that plays songs that share musical characteristics with the artist/song you entered. From there you can fine-tune the station to your tastes by giving us feedback on the individual tracks we play. You can make up to 100 unique stations that play all kinds of music - Pop, Rock, Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop, old, new, big names, and small acts -- over 300,000 songs from more than 10,000 artists. Pandora is entirely web-based; you won't need to install any software to start listening


Cooqy is a cool new OpenLaszlo application that makes shopping on eBay more visual, more efficient, and more fun.

Smart Thesaurus Music

A comprehensive lexical reference system of the English language, almost completely based on OpenLaszlo. It combines the graphical richness and responsive interactivity of a state-of-the-art Flash application with the potential of more than 145,000 English words and 115,000 meanings. Look up a certain term and then follow a trail of related words. Smart Thesaurus Music lets you find words through their lexical relationship with other words and meanings. It supports more than synonyms. Explore broader or narrower terms of a selected word. Find its antonyms, related nouns, or verbs, and more.

Smart Thesaurus Music is made for music lovers. Users improve their vocabulary and understanding, while getting excited by the aesthetic visualization of the English lexical richness, and emotionally inspired by their personal music favorites.

I Sistem

Spanish consultancy web site.



ClickShirt is an OpenLaszlo application that allows a user to create a custom T-shirt. The user can position and size photos, text and clip-art on a T-shirt, and the T-shirts may then be ordered. ClickShirt is a CafePress project.

ClickShirt. JobSearch is a leading international job search web site. It uses an OpenLaszlo application as the front-end to its (Beta) search interface. The user can filter on job keywords, range from a location and other variables.



Enterprise app administration tool for letting an organization give data access to their users via mobile messaging. Heavily customized.



OMNYS, based in Italy, designs and develops IT solutions that are both web-based and mobile. Their CMS platform (Platinum®) is built entirely with OpenLaszlo technology. Try it out!


BidSwish is a Web 2.0 visual interface for eBay listings built entirely in OpenLaszlo. Designed for simplicity -- just search for an auction title phrase, and see results in an animated collage-style or grid layout (double-click to see the eBay listing). Simple options provided for qualifying auctions and/or fixed-price listings, and for ordering results. Easy, quick, fun.



Lists without any blah blah! Secure, simple, sharable to-do lists. Bla-bla List makes it easy to ...

  • Make a list of things to think about later when you're not so busy
  • Share your lists with others even if they don't have an account
  • Publish your lists with RSS so that others get instant updates
  • Privately share your lists with anyone and work on them together
  • Email yourself a copy of your list

Recipient of a favorable review by New York Magazine.

Japanese Rugby Site

Satellite Mapping Application

Maps and satellite images with search for more than 8.000.000 geographic entities (worldwide). Different sources are merged together (Nasa, Demis, GeaBios). The application is based on Open Geospatial Consortium standards (Web Mapping Service/Web Feature Service). See Wikipedia article.

Comics Sketch


A web-based comic creator developed by inEvo where artists or regular users can come and draw comics directly online and see them publish immediately. Users are able to see and rate these comics.

This site was also based on Ruby on Rails. It is free both for viewers and comic creators. Create a Comic Strip.

Memory for Niels

my grandchild, on the occasion of his 4th birthday



Applejuice is a free web-based photo gallery app. Its user interface is simple and uncluttered, to give your photos center stage. Applejuice galleries can be created directly from Picasa, or by hand.


Arcticfusion delivers a next generation web "workspace" designed for rapid development of web "applications" with SOA, SSO, and Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) architecture. Built with Spring, Hibernate, Acegi, Mule, and OpenLaszlo the Workspace provides the core architecure, needed for rapid and robust development of integrated web applications. This is a deployable solution that includes many custom Laszlo components.



p2gStereoStage™ 3D Stereoscopic Multimedia Player

From comes p2gStereoStage™, the world's first "multi-everything" 3D stereoscopic media player for the World Wide Web. Easily combine different types of audio-visual source media into unified, polished shows to play anywhere / any size. From a single stereo image all the way to a full-blown cinematic 3D extravaganza with hundreds of scenes: p2gStereoStage™ can handle your 3D stereo display on the web.

The p2gStereoStage™ Flash 10 applet by Volker "Bill" Schuelbe was programmed entirely with OpenLaszlo 4.7 and is FREE to all non-commercial fans of stereo­scopic imagery for use on their web sites or blogs.

Multi-Media: Plays still images, animated images, video streams, and audio in a variety of configurations. "Mix and match" 3D/2D visuals and audio.

Multi-Source: Opens JPG, JPS, PNG, and GIF images / FLV Flash video / MP3 audio files. 3D stereoscopic visuals can be cross-eyed or parallel side-by-side stereo pairs, KMQ-style over/under stereo pairs, or individual left/right files. Extracts greyscale views from existing red/cyan anaglyphs. Can obtain spatial information from FLV videos and "synthesize" both stereo views on-the-fly.

Multi-Format: Shows stereo media in a variety of popular 3D stereoscopic formats: 22 anaglyph flavors, parallel and cross-eyed freeviewing, KMQ over/under views, time-for-space animation.

Multi-Sound: Arrange MP3 audio on 11 "smart" soundtracks. Audio streams are mixed live, as the show plays, to create a dense movie-like sound canvas. "Smart" means, the audio can be configured to deliver a consistent mood accross entire blocks of scenes – whether the show plays in a linear fashion, or the user bounces around different scenes. "Smart" sound turns a simple photo album – stereoscopic or not – into a full blown cinematic extravaganza.

Multi-Color: The user interface of p2gStereoStage has (so far) 14 built-in color schemes that can be activated with just one setup parameter. In other words, you don't have to spoil your elaborate page design with an "off" color; you can match the applet's UI to your site.

p2gStereoStage™ Demo Page