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IDE for Laszlo is an Eclipse-based development environment for creating, editing, debugging, and testing applications based on the LZX declarative mark-up language.

As of 04/2008, there is a new contribution from Syte GMBH to the OpenLaszlo project.

They have provided a significant update to IDEforLaszlo plugin to support OpenLaszlo 4.0.10 and 3.4. The IDEforLaszlo plugin has also been updated to work with the latest release of the ATF bundle (Eclipse 3.3.0, Java6). Included are several distribution bundles, with Release Notes, and easy to install Eclipse RCP versions for Windows and Linux.

Download here


  • The IDE4Laszlo project has been archived by the Eclipse Foundation in December 2006
  • See for more information
  • This update is intended as recommitment to the OpenLaszlo community and makes no claim to be complete
  • Source code is included in all distribution bundles
  • Bug fixes and improvements are welcome and can be sent to


version 0.3.1 3/08

  • Updated embedded LPS to OpenLaszlo 4.0.10

version 0.3.0 3/08

  • Updated embedded LPS to OpenLaszlo 3.4
  • Updated to use WTP 2.0 and latest release of ATF project

Please add your notes about IDE4Laszlo, experiences, and suggestions for improvement here.



  • After upgrading an OpenLaszlo installation, remember to change the LPS Web Root in Eclipse at Window/Preferences.../Laszlo/LPS Web Root.
  • Macintosh users might have to take a longer path to getting their IDE4Laszlo download and installation to work with Eclipse. First, there's a known problem when trying to unpack the .jar. Users should use the command line in the Terminal application, where tar -zxvf yourfile.tar ought to do it. Second, there seems to be a plug-in missing from the Eclipse 3.1.2 Macintosh binary. If Macintosh users try to install the Laszlo Tools in Eclipse 3.1.2, they can get this error: "Laszlo Tools Feature 0.1.0 requires plug-in org.eclipse.wst.sse.core". One solution was to download Eclipse 3.1.1 from , and then use the Eclipse Update Manager to fetch and install the updates necessary to get to version 3.1.2 (presumably, this gets the missing sse.core plugin).

Use (maybe outofdate?)

  • Before launching a Laszlo script using the Run menu in Eclipse, ensure that the Eclipse workspace is not the same as the LPS webroot.
  • To enable user interaction with a Laszlo application with the Eclipse Design View -- pushing buttons, scrolling/moving windows, and so forth -- a keycommand is required. In Windows, press ctrl-shift-tilde. In Macintosh OS, press shift-tilde.
  • An obscure step is needed to get the debugger to work. When you click Run --> Debug... the Laszlo application launches in an external browser window. You then need to click on the tree in the upper left of the Eclipse window in the Debug panel, and open up the Application item, and click on the "running thread" item before you can talk to the debugger.